MicroTriggers Workshop

We know that positive behaviors that reinforce trust, confidence and respect enhance individual job performance, foster innovative thinking and increase self- esteem. Conversely, negative behaviors that are demeaning, offensive, and/or degrading diminish performance and levels of employee engagement. When we think about these positive and negative behaviors, we often focus on the BIG things that we know affect relationships. This course goes one step further and focuses on the Little and often subtle things we do and say that affect our interactions and behaviors. This course will help participants acknowledge and address the small and seemingly unimportant behaviors that have a BIG impact as a way to help them achieve the ultimate goal – more productive, engaged and happy employees, customers and communities. Ivy provides detailed reports after each workshop that include the MicroTriggers voted on during each workshop – enabling your organization to assess trends and opportunities for improvement. The Managing MicroTriggers Tool Kit is an excellent resource to continue and sustain the learning from this course.




Length to Completion

4 hours or customized

Recommended For

Work teams, individual change agents, team leaders, supervisors


"This workshop is extremely useful and instrumental in helping our employees and leaders to take responsibility for their part in diversity and inclusion." - Dianne C.


"This brings enormous value – doing this with a team that works together regularly. Eliminated these unspoken barriers will significantly increase our team’s productivity." - Reggie L.

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