MicroTriggers Toolkit

Creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work environment is a journey, and Managing MicroTriggers is a crucial step. The Managing MicroTriggers Tool Kit helps you and your team along the journey using fun and engaging activities to acknowledge the impact subtle behaviors have on individual, team, and organizational performance, adjust behaviors to promote inclusive interactions and take responsibility for addressing MicroTriggers, and apply new tools that promote effective communication, engagement, and inclusion.




Length to Completion


Recommended For

Team leaders, managers, supervisors, members of an employee network, individual change agents


"People have different life experiences. So they interpret things in ways that I don’t know or don’t understand. This raised my emotional intelligence." - Laura S.


"Then MicroTriggers Toolkit gave us a common language to discuss these things that matter so much in improving our interactions, but before now were uncomfortable to discuss." - William H.

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