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MicroTriggers Online Course

Finally, an eLearning course that’s all about you! The MicroTriggers online course moves the user from concepts of subtle and unconscious behaviors that often have a negative impact on performance and relationships to actions that address MicroTriggers that are sent, received, or observed. Using our exclusive Ballot Box interface, you’ll be able to vote on the MicroTriggers that matter to you! Through video scenarios, you’ll be challenged to select appropriate actions to take when in ‘triggering’ situations. This online course helps you understand yourself and others, making the eLearning platform optimal. Here’s an opportunity for you and your entire workforce to take the MicroTriggers course at their desktop or on their smartphone. By consolidating MicroTriggers by team, function, division, etc. without revealing individual information, you and your organization gain valuable insights into how to improve group dynamics. MicroTriggers Online can be housed on your Learning Management System or Ivy’s. The Managing MicroTriggers Tool Kit is an excellent resource to continue and sustain the learning from this course.