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What is a MicroTrigger?


Subtle, Seemingly Unimportant Communications


Everyone has a MicroTrigger


MicroTriggers are subtle, seemingly unimportant communications that matter a lot to an individual. They can be words, tone or inflection, signals or body language that are transmitted from one person or a group to another. 


MicroTriggers matter because in order to be an effective leader of diverse employees, you must build relationships at the individual level. One size does not fit all. 


And while most leaders are effectively addressing the broader, macro diversity issues, many are missing the smaller, more subtle issues that can create real and undue harm in our work relationships, impeding our ability to create deeply engaged, well-functioning, and high-performing teams.

Everyone has a MicroTrigger

For over 20 years, Ivy Planning Group has been conducting research into these subtle behaviors and what is clear is that no one is immune from having a MicroTrigger. What MicroTriggers have in common is they all set off a response in an individual that can negatively impact productivity and engagement in the workplace. That is why being aware of each other's MicroTriggers, as well as the MicroTriggers that we send out to others, will go a long way towards increasing team morale and workplace productivity.

"Unconscious bias helped me to understand that I have preferences. MicroTriggers has taught me how those biases actually show up in my behaviors. Bravo!" - Karen M.

Understanding MicroTriggers Delivers

Workplace Results

Productivity Boost

Employee Engagement






When a MicroTrigger happens,

what you do depends on your role...


a person that observes the MicroTrigger


the person that sends the MicroTrigger


the recipient of the MicroTrigger


What would you do?

Imagine a scenario where your manager (the SENDER) enters a meeting and greets everyone in the room (the OBSERVERS),except you (the RECEIVER).

Ivy Planning Group has compiled 58 common MicroTriggers that can have a big impact on our work relationships.  By sharing your MicroTriggers, you are signalling to your work colleagues how you define respect and what’s important to you. You are revealing something of your essence, and that is a gift in the workplace, because MicroTriggers will ultimately increase morale and productivity in the workplace.


"I had become bored with the theory of diversity and inclusion. Too many classes left me asking, 'So what and now what?' This is the most practical training that I have ever attended."

- George M.

Which MicroTriggers Experience

is right for You?

  • MicroTriggers Book

    The book lists 58 MicroTriggers and describes the roles and responsibilities of the three players in a MicroTriggering situation – Sender, Receiver and Observer. It also provides advice to help the reader explore their own MicroTriggers, as well as those of others.

  • MicroTriggers Workshop

    The MicroTriggers workshop is an engaging learning experience that teaches participants what MicroTriggers are, why they matter and how to improve workplace interactions.

  • MicroTriggers Online Course

    Finally, an eLearning course that’s all about you! The MicroTriggers online course moves the user from concepts of subtle and unconscious behaviors that often have a negative impact on performance and relationships to actions that address MicroTriggers that are sent, received, or observed.

  • MicroTriggers Train-the-Trainer

    Do you have internal trainers who are knowledgeable, passionate and credible facilitators of diversity & inclusion topics? Ivy’s Train-the-Trainer (T3) Certification program will certify your internal trainers to deliver the MicroTriggers content with confidence.

  • MicroTriggers Toolkit

    The MicroTriggers Toolkit includes a leader’s guide and participant guides to help you and your team along the inclusion journey using fun and engaging activities and tools.


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"This helped me to be more sensitive to the experiences of my co-workers." - Paul T.

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